The application deadline for the 2018/9 grant year has now passed and all grant capacity for that period has been fully allocated.  We will not be considering our next grant allocation until after 1 April 2019.  Future deadlines will be posted on this page.

The Progress Foundation is a grant-giving trust which focuses on:

  • Organisations working with young people, normally in the age range 14 – 21, though we will also look at projects helping younger children  or young people up to age 25
  • Organisations which help young people to become fully involved with society, particularly through education, assistance with finding work or involvement with social enterprise
  • Organisations working primarily within Greater London.

We give about £150,000 in programme grants in each year, with about £50,000 being new grants.  We do not give grants for more than 3 years or for more than £25,000 in any one year.  Most of our grants are in the £10,000 – £15,000 range.  We do not give grants to individuals. Occasionally we also give unrestricted grants to organisations with whom we have previously worked and who have a proven track record and management team.  We do not accept applications for this element of funding.

You can learn more about the sort of projects we support by looking at our case studies here. You can find out more about what we support and how to apply here.

Please read the guidance on this site and look at the case studies before making an application.

The next round of applications will be considered in mid-May 2018 and applications should be with us by 30 April 2018.  We do not meet charities before considering their written applications.  We may contact you before the meeting with questions but normally you should expect to hear from us towards the end of May 2018.  At this stage, we will let you know whether you have been successful, unsuccessful or whether we want to come and meet you.

Please note that we do not consider applications which are sent to us by mail or outside the timetable set out on this website.  We do not give pre-guidance on whether you are likely to be successful; we encourage you to look at this website and our accounts for information on what we have supported in the past.

Charity number 1123219