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The first seven years – part 2

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In our previous blog, we highlighted several findings from the research undertaken in recent years: Self confidence matters and our young people seem to be lacking the self-esteem which generates self confidence. We should expect more of all our young people and make them believe that they can achieve more at school and in life. Middle [...]

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What makes for a successful application

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We receive many applications, some of which are very well put together and which make us want to learn more.  Others are much less likely to attract a positive response so here are some pointers:   Do look at our funding criteria.  These are clearly set out on this website and charities which have not looked [...]

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Can arts organisations measure outcomes?

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We are interested in helping young people to make a valuable contribution to society and one way to help them achieve this is by helping them into the world of work. We are always challenging the charities we work with to demonstrate that they are making a real difference to young people’s lives and prospects.  We [...]

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This page shows some of the many projects and organisations we have supported over recent years.  More details can be found in our annual reports - the latest is available here and earlier years' accounts are available via the Charities Commission [...]

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Each year we are able to award main programme grants of about £150,000. We do not exceed grants of £25,000 and do not often give grants of this maximum amount. We do not donate to the same project for more than 3 years. This means we can support up to 5 new projects or organisations each [...]

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The closing date for applications for this year was 31 August 2023 and no more applications will now be accepted. We have now allocated our grant fund for the financial year ended 31 March 2024.  Our next application round will close in August 2024 - no applications will be considered until after the closing date. [...]

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